Construction stone

Material Area: quarries at Cam Ly / Da Lat, N ’Thôl Hạ / Duc Trong, Tay Dai Lao / Bao Loc.

Field of use: Stone products for civil construction, industrial construction, transportation.

Specifications: bloca stone, 6cm x 4cm, 4cm x 2cm, 1cm x 2cm, 1cm x 2.5cm. Particularly, rock and crushed sand are produced with new VSI technology and equipment, through a slab system with dimensions of 5mm-20mm.

The stone is rounded without any flat flakes serving high grade concrete safety; Increase flexibility for concrete mortar.

Product quality meets TCCS 02/2013 / LBM-ĐXD standards. Has been granted a certificate of conformity with national technical regulation QCVN 16: 2014 / BXD.

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