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Carbuasilic calcining pillars

Field of use: Carbuasilic calcining pillars play an important role in the traditional burning industry and are currently being imported from China and Taiwan. However, the weakness of this imported product is high price, it is difficult for enterprises to actively source goods, products are corroded by using time due to the working environment at […]

Refractory ceramic pipe products

Field of use: Heat resistant ceramic pipe products are used in metal casting and pouring industry. Currently the product has 3 basic categories: – Straight porcelain pipe, shrink tube and T-tube with diameters from Φ20 – Φ120. – In addition, We also produce products according to the needs of customers with a variety of products […]

Refractory bricks

Field of use: Refractory bricks are widely used in the construction of industrial kilns in the metallurgy, cement, glass and ceramics industries … Products in addition to the usual shapes, we also produce, provide a variety of shapes, sizes and techniques according to the specific requirements of customers. Products manufactured and qualified according to TCCS […]

Styrofoam brick

Field of use: Construction of industrial kilns in metallurgy, glass and ceramics industries … Used as an external insulation layer to limit the loss of heat to the surrounding environment, reducing energy costs and reducing equipment failures caused by loss of heat to the outside. Increase furnace life and auxiliary equipment. Products manufactured and qualified […]